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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  June 20, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and breaking news -- raging wild fooirs threatened entire cities out west driving thousands more from their homes, shutting down interstates. tensions reach a boiling point inside and outside the casey anthony courthouse. her lawyers are threatened with contempt as the judge cracks down on spectators fighting over seats at the trial. flash mobs to flash robs. breaking the law one mob at the time. the robbers stealing in group. a new way to pull off a heist. this morning, your junk drawer doesn't has to be the scariest thing in your house.
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it's "show me the money" time. we'll show you how to turn all of that clutter into cash. good morning to all of you. hope you had a good weekend. it was a beautiful weekend here in new york. >> did you have a good father's day. >> it was a great father's day. we have a deer outside that had a little baby in the front yard. the trade off, the dogs bark at her and she attacks the dogs. our dogs are cowards. it was a chaotic week for anyone traveling by plane, from bomb scarce to entire shutdowns of computers systems both united
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an us airways. we'll have a live report. a gma exclusive with this man right here, his wife was caught on tape trying to hire a hitman to kill him. she's been sentenced to 20 years in prison. for now, they are still married. >> in the process of divorce. let's get right to those fires raging out west. millions of acres have gone up in smoke. but our ryan owens has been tracking all and he has the latest from east texas. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: we're just a little bit north of huntszville. be behind me, you have seen the fir battling firefighters. it high winds and even higher temperatures, a helloish scenarios for firefighters in east texas. smoke filled the skies.
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the thermometer well above 100 degrees. 200 families here have been evacuated. plenty of others refuse to go. the choking smoke forced the closure of interstate hooking up dallas and houston. this morning, wildfires are raging across seven states, more than a million acres have been wiped out in just the last few days. on top of what has already been a record wildfire season. >> what we're seeing is prolonged droughts. we're seeing more weather extremes. >> reporter: in arizona z50 mile-per-hour winds pushed a wall of flame near sierra visit ya. >> i feared for my husband and my animals, for the air quality. >> reporter: more than 700
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firefighters have come from all over the country to battle what's known as the monument fire. so far, 47 homes and 22 other structures have been destroyed. right now, the winds are relavevely calm. and that is good news. but they are expected to start gusting up to 30 miles per hour later today. there is good news, though n the longterm forecast, we're expected to see rain here by midweek. robin, that is not something that we have seen here in a very long time. >> in quite some time. ryan, thank you. let's turn now to sam. we heard ryan talking about those winds, all so important there. >> seven states so far. millions of acres burned. there's about 4 million acres land that we have lost to fires since the beginning of the year. these western states is where it's the worst. an idea of the temperatures here. they do drop a bit.
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the battle zone between this low and the high right in the middle of the country, that low leaves, the high cements in, stabilizes things just a bit. the temperatures come down. that little bit of rain expected today is only the northern area of texas. it's not a lot to make a big enough difference. >> okay, sam, thanks very much. now the economy. financial markets falling overnight, after european leaders failed to reach an agreement to greece out of bail crisis. let's bring in buyian that. this failure over the weekend was some somewhat of a surprise. >> reporter: european leaders don't think greece is taking enough measures to deal with its issues. there's going be a vote of confidence tomorrow. they're expecting the reshuffling of the government there to quiet things down. but this really is unnerving.
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>> they'll have to come up with a new plan, new government in greece. new concern is that this won't be limit to greece. >> the longer this plays out, we have other troubled nations, the peg nations, spain could be next. of course, this is a floralized world. >> meanwhile, another surprise yesterday, the republican leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell, suggesting that he doesn't think there can be a longterm deal to deal with our debt limit. >> the clock is ticking. remember, that deadline is august 2nd. mcconnell out yesterday, let's be real here, we may not see a deal by august 2nd. now, to the turmoil at airports all across the country from a bomb scare to a massive computer outage that left
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passengers across the country stranded. lisa stark has the latest. it was quite a weekend, lisa. >> reporter: it was. a wild weekend of summer travel for many people. now that bomb threat involved an us airways jet that was headed right here to reagan national. in these days, authorities have to take all of these threats very seriously. some frightening moments for passengers onboard a jet bound to reagan national. the jet was surrounded by police and passengers soon learned while the plane was in the air headed for d.c., a woman had approached the ticket counter in dayton claim there was a bomb on board. >> i was scared for a minute. >> reporter: the 44 passengers were individually searched, so was their luggage and the plane, it took hours. everything was cleared. the person who made the threat
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reportedly has a history of mental health issues. friday night into saturday, united airlines suffered a massive computer collapse. grinding much of its operations to a halt. >> i don't think anybody here has a clue. it's just a bad situation. >> we're just waiting for our systems to come back up. >> reporter: waiting, waiting. from chicago to los angeles, the outage lasting some five hours, at least 185 flights delayed or canceled. on top of all of that, a tornado near the orlando airport, this weekend, that caused delays and cancellations of about 100 flights. all of this comes as summer travel picks up. u.s. carriers expect to handle 2.5 million passengers ever day this summer. george, it's going to be busy. >> lisa, thanks very much. we're going to stay in washington and turn to politics.
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president obama's ambassador to china, jon huntsman will kick off his campaign for the republican nomination tomorrow. more signs that texas governor rick perry may be getting closer to jumping in the race. jon karl joins us with more. >> reporter: the battle for the gop presidential nomination heats up, new signs that republicans get a chance to look at republican governor of texas as their ticket to win back the white house. texas governor rick perry is sounding more and more like a candidate for president. >> let's stop this american downward spiral. >> reporter: for a guy who said he's only thinking about running, perry had no problems firing up conservatives at a big republican conference in new orleans over the weekend. >> we got to be ready to elect republican leaders up and down that ballot who will make government smaller, so
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opportunity can get bigger. >> reporter: perry would instantly be a formidable candidate. unlike the rest of the u.s., the texas economy has been booming. former utah governor jon huntsman, recently served as barack obama's ambassador to china is set to announce that he's running for president. based on his videos, it may be an unconventional campaign. even more unconventional -- the decisions by republicans to invite a obama impersonator to address their conference in new orleans. >> yes, my mother loved a black man and no it wasn't a kardashian. the boos came when he joked about republicans. >> you got your front-runner mitt romney. don't get me wrong, he might make a great president.
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along with his first lady. second lady. and third lady. >> when he got to michele bachmann -- >> the other day she called me a one-term president. >> reporter: his microphone was shut off. and he was escorted away from the stage. as for rick perry, his advisers are looking at whether or not he still has enough time to raise the money you need to run for president. a decision, george, they say, is several weeks away in july. >> okay, jon karl. let's bring in josh elliott with the morning's headlines. we're going to begin with the midwest walloped with weather. two feet in 24 hours, that's how much the missouri river has risen now, breaking through several levees in northern missouri. thousands of acres have been
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lost. people in at least three more towns have been alerted to evacuate. meanwhile, an 18-year-old who dreamed of going to medical school is among four victims of a robbery gone wrong not far from new york city. police say a man looking for drugs, walked into this family-owned pharmacy, killing two workers and two customers. meanwhile, overseas, nato is blaming a weapons malfunction for an air strike that killed nine civilians in libya, including children. there could be a vote in congress to limit funding for u.s. operations there. dramatic scene playing out in china. a bridge collapsed, this couple clung to a railing until they were rescued. rory mcilroy has become the youngest u.s. open champion in almost 09 years the 22-year-old
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shattering a scoring record held by the likes of jack nicklaus and tiger woods. earning the right to drink from that trophy that he won. congratulations to you, young lad. finally, we took noticed this morning at the results of one racetrack at new jersey. a horse there e street shuffle finished first. named for a bruce springsteen song. the track actually just down the road from where the band got its start. and where fans have been gathering to pay tribute to clemons' singular legacy. music lost a giant over the weekend. >> the big man. >> the big man. >> the big loss. >> but god is getting serenaded upstairs. >> thanks, josh. sam? take a look at how much of
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the country will get thunderstorms today. in that drought zone, in this area of central texas, there's the opportunity for scattered storms. not for temperatures, either, dallas at 98. it's been a really tough time period. we don't see a big break there. tallahassee at about 98 degrees. one of the nicest spots is new england. san francisco at 77.
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>> areas of heavy rain in southern maryland. it is slow to break up and move out of here. there will be reined lingering lunchtime and a gradual temperatures are not that bad. 70 degrees in hagerstown. a high temperature around 80 >> so much heat in the country. but it hasn't been on the west coast, robin, they're very happy to see milder air coming their way. >> thank you. now to the latest in the murder trial of casey anthony. the defense is resuming its case this morning after a tension-filled weekend. our ashleigh banfield is right
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there in orlando and a has the latest for us. >> reporter: tense, because a defense expert questioned whether there was a murder in this case at all. with the summertime temperatures start to soar here, so do the tempers. it's late june in florida and the heat is rising. everywhere. tensions have boiled over in the long line to court. the court is now banning overnight campers. but inside the courtroom, it's another matter. >> this is not a game. >> reporter: the judge, now playing referee to some unsportsmanlike conduct. >> what you're saying sir, you can pick which court orders are you can comply with and you don't comply with. >> reporter: he threatened casey's attorney with contempt. and he's cut down a prosecutor i too, for being snippy in court.
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>> i'm sorry, i'll wait. counsel is busy texting. i am not going to say this again. i don't want to hear editorial comments. so, folks, please, let's just stick with the facts and be professional. >> reporter: you can see the impatience of the prosecutor with answers that he clearly doesn't like. on the stand, dr. westerner spitz, an expert who knows his way around a lab. >> i have been practicing for 56 years. >> reporter: his more famous cases. >> the assassination of martin luther king and john f. kennedy. >> reporter: he argued that little caylee could have died from an accident. >> the head is not opened, it tells me about a shoddy autopsy. it upsets my better understanding of my profession. >> reporter: it's tense as the
7:18 am
trial passes the halfway point. a death penalty is on the line. while they are fighting to get in, casey anthony is fighting to get offer. the strain and pressure perfectly understandable not just because of the death penalty on the line, also millions of people are watching this. it's on television and online. this story actually made the website, accounting today. the story casey anthony trial made accounting >> thanks, ash. joining us now for more on this latest testimony. it gets more bizarre. dan abrams. you saw dr. spitz. he had some interesting things to say about the cause of death. >> he should have been the defense's star witness. remember, he's saying that this could be an accident. he's saying that duct tape, which prosecutors are saying was
7:19 am
a murder weapon, he's saying that it was placed there afterwards, autopsy was shoddy. but yet on cross examine prosecutors were able to undermine much of his testimony, in the end when one of his theory didn't fit, he suggests that the medical exam ners may have staged evidence. once you're in the position, your response of theory doesn't fit, they staged everyday, you're in a tougher spot. >> we were even and everyone else talking about this excon, this connection with casey's dad -- >> right, we were finally thinking that the defense would be able to link george anthony to bad conduct. the problem is excon holds a press conference at the courthouse saying, i don't know this guy and the reason he was
7:20 am
linking him to george anthony based on cell phones conversations, he said that i didn't even have that cell phone back then. >> it doesn't bode well for them. i got to tell you, we're seeing people hitting each other trying to get in. the judge is really trying to keep things down. >> it should remain outside the courthouse. it's a shameful black eye for the legal system an inability to control the crowds. even at the o.j. simpson case, they were able to keep people in line. >> dan abramgs, thanks. coming up -- an gma exclusive. another big trial in the headlines. the woman caught on tape trying to hire a hitman. also, flash robs? the mobs of kids swarming stores
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>> good morning to you. 7:26.
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we will check on the morning commute with alisa. >> an interesting morning. rain always at a time to the travel. red line delays for metro customers. tacoma and silver springs. some of ourver to cameras. 270 southbound. a long ride on 95 and 66. the conditions are adding to travel. to atom in the weather center. in the weatherth center. >> the rain is coming down, be gradual clearing. wet and downed the
7:28 am
95 quarter. corridor.e 95 80per 60's and close to afternoon with clearing this afternoon evening. degrees on wednesday. investigators want to know happened to a man found in washington.e the cause of death is not known. police are treating this as a homicide. we will have this and other throughout the check out our website. 7:56 l be back at
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have you seen this new wave of crime? all caught on camera. flash robs. groups of young thieves, they go into stores casually and steal whatever they want. we'll take a closer look at how it works and how store owners are responding on this monday morning. again it's the casualness of it, george, that's alarming. >> it's just frightening. plus, what is really in your junk drawer, could it yield lots of cash? we'll show you this morning what's hidden in this clutter. lara spencer found a loft money. >> not talking about loose
7:31 am
change and things. >> sell items. some estimates billions of dollars. we have alarming for parents, girls as young as 6 worrying about their weight? why so many precious little girls are asking if they're fat. >> we'll get into that this morning. but first, the florida woman caught on tape trying to hire a hitman to kill her husband. dalia dippolito claiming it was all a hox in order to land a reality show. let's get the backstory first from andrea canning. >> reporter: mike dippolito said in court, space aliens because the reality defense was crazy.
7:32 am
dalia dippolito was stone-faced during her sentencing. >> i'm sentencing you to 20 years. >> reporter: her plan to have her husband mike killed for just a few thousand dollars. >> mike dippolito loved the defendant. he couldn't even comprehend what she had do to him. his new bride of six months. >> into your web of deception. >> i wished we were never here. >> reporter: 5,000% mike dippolito is talking about in reference to this undercover video. >> when it's done. >> no changing. there is no changing -- i'm confident. 5,000% sure. >> reporter: dalia thought she was making sure with a hitman,
7:33 am
but he was actually this undercover officer and police faked this cream scene, telling her mike had been murdered. but he was i live, her lover had told police about her plan. >> if it hadn't been for this informant, a murder could have taken place. >> there's no doubt in my mind, if we weren't involved in this, we would have been working a homicide. >> reporter: there's been a name out there, black dalia. does it fit? >> no, no. my name for her is the green three ya. >> reporter: for money? >> yep, greed. she didn't kill anybody. this was all about the dollar signs. it was all about the money. >> reporter: three ya's attorneys plan to file a peel.
7:34 am
mike dippolito said that he had a nervous breakdown during this. >> andrea, thanks very much. >> let's bring in mike dippolito right now and he's here along with his attorney. mike, take us back to the moment thursday when you heard the verdict. what went through your head? >> i have to say, it didn't necessarily make me feel good, but it makes you realize how serious what was really going. >> we saw the tapes which are still so stunning. i can only imagine what it was like for you the first time you saw your own wife on tape trying to hire someone to kill you. >> yeah, it's just something that you can't imagine that anybody can really do. it's just so, it was so senseless for a girl, you know my wife in the position that she was in, to actually take those
7:35 am
steps to do that. it was so unnecessary. >> i guess that's one word for it, unnecessary. this has put you through this an incredibly difficult time. you have had a nervous breakdown. how are you feeling right now. >> it's still surreal. you know, i'm on tv with you today. this isn't part of my normal life. all of this is just strange. i mean, she's found guilty, that's great. and, you know, i still i'm married. i'm still yet to get divorced. that's something that we're working towards. i still have a debt that's unpaid, restitution that i owe. >> this has been a roller coaster, all happened so quickly. you met through an escort service, got married within months and found about this plot. when all of this happened, when
7:36 am
you first got -- saw the tapes, first heard about this plot, were you still in love with your wife? >> you know, i was in love with my wife. you have to understand, prior to that day of learning she was trying to kill me, there was a lot of stuff going on. so, you know that day when they told me your wife is going to have you murdered, come with us. everything fell in place. everything that i questioned, wasn't sure of, just solidified for me where i knew that 100% i'm not crazy, it was her doing. >> you thought she was setting you up for money? >> well, a lot of unexplainable things. drugs planted in my vehicle. money missing and you know, just crazy stories about each thing. in your life, you might have crazy incident you can't explain, like where does my money go? or how did drugs get into my
7:37 am
house? or something crazy. i had at least four or five incidents in less than six months. >> we learned so much about your wife over the course of this trial. we saw the judge call her pure evil. figure out how you fell in love with her in the first place. >> you have to understand, she wasn't like that, i mean, the game she was playing with me, i mean, we got along very well, i mean, if you listen to her family talk about her, you know how good of a person she was, when i met her, you know, i was under the same impression and we did get along very well. we did everything together. and you know, once she stole from me is when the funny things started happening you said you got along -- >> there was no indication -- we did everything together. we did everything together. got along well. very active together and yeah,
7:38 am
we had -- it looked like we were starting out on a great marriage >> do you think she ever loved you? >> i think she might have loved for a week, if that, maybe. i can't say, to be honest, yeah. >> good luck getting your life back together and thanks to your attorney for joining us this morning. it's time now for the weather and sam champion. so much of the country is under storms today. shots out of st. louis with some vivid lightning. these are the scenes that are going to be played out during the day today and overnight. lightning a real part of the storms that will be in the middle part of the country. these storms in the middle of the country will stay here at least for two days. this front will go up and down the mid-atlantic coast. now, the west coast, getting some much milder air.
7:39 am
milder air pushing in from the desert into the southwest. that's something they have been damp start to reward withon this monday morning maryland. in southern lighter rain is scattered around the region. it will be slow to move out a >> all of that weather was brought to you by ally bank. >> when we come back -- the flash mobs caught on tape robs stores, why young thieves are swarming together to steal. impressive resume. thank you. you know what, tell me, what makes peter, peter ? well, i'm an avid catamaran sailor. i can my own homemade jam, apricot. and i really love my bank's raise your rate cd. i'm sorry, did you say you'd love a pay raise asap ? uh, actually, i said i love my bank's raise your rate cd. you spent 8 days lost at sea ? no, uh...
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coming up on 7:43. a disturbing and dangerous new trend. flash robsries, when a group of young thieves, making plans to steal plot to converge on a store and ransack it. dan harris has been looking into this. >> reporter: this poses a challenge for retail stores across the country. how do you deal with a whole mob of thieves? what's striking from this surveillance video of a flash mob robbery of a convenience store is how casual and care-free these thieves appear to be. check out this kid in a hat smirking as he waits for his friends to leave so he can get
7:44 am
in. >> as you saw on their faces they thought it was pretty funny, you know, but we sure don't. >> reporter: a similar attitude in the body language of these 20-odd thieves swarming a clothing store in washington, d.c. they took their time apparently looking for items in their size. youtube is loaded with these so-called flash rob videos from around the country. these things can easily turn violent as the mob mentality takes hold. in this robbery at a gas station in st. paul, minnesota zyou can see one of the kids assaulting the clerk on his way out. >> by the time our officers caught there, they were able to corral about two dozen of them. but a number of other kids also did get away. >> reporter: police say the best thing for clerks to do is to simply stand back, like the employee here in las vegas. >> he did what he was supposed to do. >> reporter: apparently, there was a recent spate of these robs
7:45 am
of 10 in a four-minute span. >> pose for the camera right there. dan, thanks coming up -- amy winehouse's comeback tour gone wrong. what happened on stage over the weekend that sent thousands of fans into an uproar, we'll talk about it next. [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation where you're free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. visit today.
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now to what may be a new bottom for the troubled singer amy winehouse, she's canceled part of what was supposed to be her comeback tour, after a disastrous performance in serbia. she was booed off the stage after stumblinging through several songs. david wright has the story. ♪ >> reporter: amy winehouse's performance in belgrade featured more slurring than singing.
7:50 am
20,000 fans were treated to 90 minutes of stumbling. shrieking and shoe-throwing. her managers abruptly canceled the rest of the tour and apologized to fans. >> the grammy goes to -- amy winehouse! >> reporter: the beehive song writer won five grammy awards for her 2000 album, but her career has been overshadow eed with her struggle with drugs. she has been dubbed wino in recent years. >> cancellation of this tour, if it says one thing is that amy winehouse isn't no ready for
7:51 am
prime time. >> reporter: she'll likely face another 12-step program, her fans hope that this time, it will make a difference. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> boy, it's going to have to make a difference. coming up -- we'll show you the money. how to turn your junk drawer into a bag full of cash. and carom ron diaz is going to join us live right here. cleaning away those summer stains. sun screen is a summer must-have. that excess lotion can leave a mess. how can you avoid these stains? get the answer now at new all free clear oxi-active. a free clear detergent that's tough on stains and gentle on skin. try new all free clear oxi-active.
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. the time is 7:56 and as monday, june 20. i am cynne simpson and we will look at the road with lisa baden. we had redline delays where long term track problem. been resolved but the anticipated additional wait for trains. rhode island avenue into fireeast has a structure
7:57 am
blockedwhich is now dakota ave. last bail out point would takeuth dakota avenue to that into town. a minor crashed in this camera muncaster mill road. a little tough out there in terms of weather. it is a good beneficial rain for dry areas locally and southeast to the metro. rain is in southern maryland, southern st. mary's county. is lighter, there onn that is slowly moving out of here. 69 degrees in the district. on ourround 70 degrees 80 degrees. of here rain gets out evening, weon and will get some clearing. there might be just a few hours of sunshine and tomorrow, more
7:58 am
rain especially in the morning. from near 80 today into the 90's by wednesday. there will be very unsettled war in with chances of all the way through friday. stay march two years since the metro red line crash that killed nine people. metro says that has made several improvements including railcars and so -- and track switches and communicating better with drivers. at 8:27.e back for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8.
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] what a great crowd for a monday morning. did i see a nun? keep going. keep going. keep panning right. there she is. all right. >> there she is. >> we can't wait to get out there. >> you can tell summer is coming. the crowds keep getting bigger. >> hope everyone had a fantastic
8:01 am
weekend. we're about to show you a little bit more money. our lifetile anchor lara spencer, you're on the case. >> yes, everybody has a junk drawer in your house. right? filled with things that you don't know what to do it. i raided the junk drawers of four families. you won't believe how much cash we got for those families. coming up. >> okay, we're looking forward to that. a story that every parent with little girls need to see. the pressure to be thin is getting younger and younger. girls as young as 6 saying they feel fat. that's not right. >> all right and always hilarious cameron diaz is going to be here. she's in a new comedy "bad teacher." we'll see how she grades working with her ex, justin timberlake.
8:02 am
in our last half-hour josh, back with the news. >> happy father's day, george. i am rocking sabrina's tie. >> am i tweeting too much? >> we'll begin with that fire emergency now in seven states this morning. 3,000 people have been ordered to evacuate in arizona. winds are fanning a fire that's threatening populated areas. one of the largest wildfires, ever, in eastern texas that has closed this highway linking dallas and houston. meanwhile financial markets fell earlier this morning after european leaders delayed another bailout for greece.
8:03 am
here in this nation, good news, charity donations rose 4%. meanwhile, dramatic new evidence, if true, could clear america college student amanda knox and her former italian boyfriend of murder. our jeffrey kofman has details. >> reporter: at 23, amanda knox is a convicted murderer, serving 26 years in an italian prison in the killing of her british murder. and this drifter. knox and her ex-boyfriend are hoping that this appeal will clear their names. the defense has called five witnesses. all claiming to have information that will do just that, but all serving time in prison for an assortment for ugly crimes. a convicted child murderer told the appeal court that drifter
8:04 am
confessed in prison that he's the only involved in meredith kercher's murder. >> rudy has said, as he has said in the past, that ape hand ya and raphaelle weren't involved in the murder. amanda and her ex-boyfriend, meanwhile, are back in prison. fortunately for knox, she may have new ed that is a lot more credible than those guys. the key evidence in the appeal is the tests being done on the tiny amount of dna used to convict her. we should be hearing about that in a few weeks. josh? >> jeffrey kofman with the very latest there.
8:05 am
meanwhile a warning for parents over the danger of those portable pools. one child dies every five days in a portable pool during the summer months. parents often fail to use locks and safety covers. here's our diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? a good monday, josh. you may remember we asked millions of americans to take off any clothes that weren't made in america and the results were pretty startling. now the viewers are leading the way. it's our made in america summer and they're showing us what they're taking off in order to take on. that's tonight on "world news." >> thank you, diane. again, a quick look at the headlines, guys. i'm staying put. >> we have a huge, huge premier, we're kicking off a new segment, lara taking all of our trends at our pop big board. >> thank you, robin. check this out. it's brand new.
8:06 am
all of the rage. we're going to start right over here, you guys, we want to set the record straight. the romance rumors about pippa middleton, i'm sorry, boys, she's not single. the rumors that she broke up her longtime boyfriend wasn't true. all right, also, very hot out there, web addresses that end with, the internet starting today will never be the same. endless possibility of internet addresses. you can create your own extensions. all right, let's close this up and get to our next one, there she is, one of "dancing with the stars's" outrageously talented daer eed dancers, lace schwimmer hopes to prove that her pipes are smooth as her paso
8:07 am
doble. r song drops tomorrow. and finally, very big news, everybody the brand-new trailer for the municipal pet movie was just released. all we can say, move over meryl streep. a certain swine gives the performance of a lifetime. foggy bear is back playing as a down and out musician. oscar winner amy adams is in the movies too the new municipal pet movie comes out on thanksgiving. that is it for everything hot and not so hot in our pop news heat index. what do you think? >> i like the music. >> not just anymore.
8:08 am
>> hey, sam, what's going on outside? >> what's going on. we're out here at time square. where are you from? >> dallas. >> when do you actually become a sailor. >> in august. >> good luck. congratulations. we're glad that you're here. zblfshlts let's get to the boards. you'll want to know on a monday in chicagoland, we got this earlier this morning from the clouds moving in, to the area, this is kind of swallowing the trump building there. some heavy rain from omaha to chicago. minneapolis involved in this. over the next couple of days this is more than 4 inches of rain and it's already flooding in that area. but it will bring some cooler temperatures to
8:09 am
still persistent rain marylandy in southern and east of 95. that is indicated by the yellow in southern maryland. a light rain in and out of the beltway and further west. this is slow to break up and are int and temperatures the upper 60's. toperatures will slowly rise 70's this afternoon. partial clearing >> we are live in times square on a beautiful monday. lara? >> thank you, sam. what a great crowd out there. here's a look at what's ahead on the gma morning menu -- kids and body image. why girls as young as 6 years old feel fat. plus -- >> show me the money. a look into your junk drawers.
8:10 am
stuff that you don't use anymore, could bring you cash. cameron diaz joins us live to tell us about her new comedy. all of that coming up on "good morning america." [ lane ] here's the trouble with some anti-wrinkle creams. the cream disappears but your wrinkles don't. ♪ introducing neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it has the fastest retinol formula available. in fact it's clinically proven to smooth wrinkles in just one week. so all you have to do is sit back and watch your wrinkles go away. new rapid wrinkle repair. from neutrogena®. thought they were dead. [ laughter ] [ grunting ]
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to learn more and get your special offer, go to take action. take advil. a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. zblmpkts now to an important story for parents. okay, it's no secret that women often feel pressure from society and other places to lose weight. but now that pressure seems to be starting earlier than ever. a recent study finds some girls as young as 3 years old worry about being fat.
8:15 am
our andrea canning is back and has been looking into this. >> reporter: when was the last time you saw an overweight woman on the cover of a magazine? tough question, right? well, apparently, thin isn't just in. it's engrained in the minds of very young girls. do you think sometimes your tummy is too big? >> sometimes. >> reporter: and you want to lose weight in your tummy. >> yeah. >> reporter: taylor is a healthy, active, 6-year-old pre-k student who lives outside of houston. from outward appearances she's a normal little girl, who likes to play princess and has an outgoing, easy personality. about a year ago, she came home from school and said something that shocked her mother. >> we were at home and she just, out of the blue, just said, mommy, why is my tummy so fat? a girl in the bathroom at school
8:16 am
asked me why i was fat. >> reporter: the sad fact is, it's simply not true. we went with taylor for a visit with her pediatrician. >> good job. let's see how tall you are. >> when we use her height and weight to calculate her body maz index, it's healthy. >> reporter: at this age, with young girls, perception can simply override reality. in fact, a recent study by the university of central florida found that almost half of 3-year-old to 6-year-old girls who participated say they worried about being fat. why do you want to lose weight? >> my teacher always tell me that i have to learn, so i c can -- >> reporter: her mom said they try not to focus on weight.
8:17 am
but the message that she gets has an impact. recently at a birthday, a boy called her fat boy. >> i think that was a good way of showing how to handle something like that. i'm sorry. >> reporter: what goes through a mind her age we gathered a panel of 5-year-old to 8-year-old girls. why do you want to eat healthy? >> so you don't get fat. >> reporter: do you ever hear your moms talk about her weight. >> mom has to go to the gym because she thinks she's overweight. >> reporter: what dow you think about that? >> i don't think it's true. >> reporter: how do you know your mom is on a diet.
8:18 am
>> she told us. >> reporter: why do you want to eat healthy? >> not to get fat. >> so, i don't get heavy so my daddy can carry me. >> reporter: we then tried an unscientific experiment, showing the girls photographs to get their reaction. a little girl that we met in texas. she thinks that she has to lose weight. do you think she needs to lose weight. >> no. >> no. >> reporter: do you think she looks good. >> yeah. >> reporter: when we showed them random photos of girls their age. the reaction wasn't nearly as kind. what do you think of this girl? >> she has to lose weight. >> yes, she needs to lose weight. >> reporter: do you think
8:19 am
someone like her might be teased at school? >> kind of. >> sometimes. >> reporter: four girls here, do any one of these girls stick out in. >> the girl in the blue. >> reporter: why? >> because her tummy. >> the girl in the blue shirt is a little chubby. a moment of laughter and a light hearted fun for little girls. are there larger and potentially more harmful implication. with taylor worrying at such a young age about her body, are you worried that this is going to develop into an eating disorder? >> i feel that if we deal with these issues head-on i'm hoping it won't. >> reporter: one of the most important things that you can do as a parent is not talk about your weight issues and dieting around your children. if you're critical about
8:20 am
yourself, then they very likely could follow your lead and do the same. >> they mimic you. it was amazing to hear those little girls. their reaction. >> they take everything in from everywhere. we had to catch ourselves having those kind of conversations. >> so, what do you think, is 6 years old too young to worry about being overweight? vote now using the gma ap on your iphone or android. we're going to switch gears now, time again for our series -- there it is -- "show me the money." this morning, how to turn your clutter into cash. lara went door to door, junk drawer to junk drawer, to help some families get some extra payoff. >> reporter: in every town, on every street, they're there,
8:21 am
lurking. junk drawers. those bins of no return. filled with things that we don't want to throw away, but don't exactly know what to do with. collections of unusual and unusable things. it's estimated that junk drawers in american homes are filled with half a billion unused gadgets. old computers, chargers. and 15 billion old cds. much of that junk can be turned into cold, hard cash. how much money is sitting right there in that drawer you think is filled with junk? we wanted to find out. so, we picked four random houses here in new jersey. our first stop, nita. >> hi. >> reporter: i heard you got some good junk. the music teacher and her family have managed to accrue an eclectic array of junk.
8:22 am
buttons. moo for a brew, shall we? in drawer number two, a collection of singing ashtrays. you heard me right. this is interesting junk. in every junk drawer and there were several, mislay us now stuff. i was ready to matters into my own hands. i'm armed and dangerous. with the junk drawer ed collected to determine whether it's trash or treasure, it's time to head to our next house. hello. >> hello. >> reporter: nancy the mother of two young sons. when she showed me the basement, i felt like i stepped into a junk lover's paradise. oh, wow. this might be worth something. these bins are wear electronics go to die.
8:23 am
after loading our evidence bags once again, it was time to pay a visit to generjeannette and her little ones. in her kitchen closet, not one, but two drawers filled with instruction manuals. >> manuals to things that we don't have any him. >> reporter: and downstairs, two drawers filled with 400 cds that haven't been played in more than four years. finally, it was off to kristen's house. >> hi. >> reporter: how are you? the mom of three says her junk drawers have become a graveyard for gadgets. >> cell phones. >> reporter: just wait. let's not forget about the junk bins in kristen's family room. oh, hello, profits. yes. how about those vhs tapes. everybody needs those. do you still have a vhs player? >> i think our vhs player is
8:24 am
there but it's broken. >> reporter: good-bye, junk. hello, money. we accumulated quite the collection. but was it trash or treasure? we called in a salvage dealer, he apprised the items and told us what could be sold. lot of everyday things in the ladies' drawer was worth more than we thought. those old cell phones, were worth anywhere from $5 to $20. corresponding chargers, $2 to $5. how about those old cds? paul was offer jeannette $200 for her collection. and those instruction manuals, there's a whole section of man yals on ebay.
8:25 am
>> oh, i can't wait to find out. ladies, are you ready? they were so brave. now the moment. let's start with kristen. how much cash was in your junk drawer, ready? $180. let's talk about the vhs. these all go online, on ebay for $1 and $2. it adds up really quickly. you told me that you haven't looked at them in years. box sets, everybody, these go for up to $20. so, it's worth thinking about letting go. all right, nita, had these singing ashtrays, they're not easy to sell. a very specific buyer who wants a singing ashtray. your pin collection was worth
8:26 am
$50. that was taking up space in your drawer. again, sell them. pins like that, they're worth a lot. let's move on. oh, sorry, everybody. i was so excited. $200. are you ready to find out? $500. recommendation, download all of your cds and then sell them, 50 cents each, it adds up. finally, nancy the brave nancy who let us into our junk drawer. are you ready? the big winner. $635. all about the chargers and blackberry, they add up. so, ebay craigslist, that's it. find money in your drawers, go to
8:27 am
great job, ladies. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> and good morning to you. i am cynne simpson at 8:27. we have lisa baden with a check on traffic. rhode island avenue is shut of a structure fire but a good alternate route is south dakota avenue. metrorail is reported red line problems. as you hit the road, you'll find traffic in virginia 66 and 95 but no accidents. 270 delays are out of germantown beltway and look at the
8:28 am
out of greenbelt to get to college park past the ikea. morning but it will slowly taper off around lunchtime. to push out of breakup up and piedmont virginia area. still some went up and down the i-81 corridor. as most of thend ongoing rain. temperatures are in the upper 60's, 70 degrees in frederick but 67 in the district. some gradual clearing this with aon and evening the temperature within sunshine, about 80 degrees and cooler where the clouds lender. next couple of days, it will warm up, mid-90's by wednesday. the d.c. mayor vincent gray's support seems to be slipping. 60% august, he had
8:29 am
rating and last month, down to 47%. you can log on to our website to survey, we will have another news updat at 190 miles per hour, the wind will literally lift ordinary windshield wipepers off the glass. so, did we build a slower car? or design wipers that could handle anything?
8:30 am
what do you think? the cadillac cts-v, the world's fastest production sedan. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. out in times square. she may be a bad teacher but she's always a great sport. cameron diaz is here, live in times square. [ cheers and applause ] >> what it's like to work with her ex, justin timberlake in the movie. >> also, evidence for everyone who wants to look a movie star.
8:31 am
>> absolutely. we have a stylish to the stars. giving great tips and fantastic advice. there he is. >> also, summer is almost here, we have to take care of our dogs that get overheated, we have a bunch of new gadgets to keep your pets cool. >> we have a busy half-hour coming up. and ladies and gentlemen, may i have your attention here? we have a legend in our midst. billie jean king. [ cheers and applause ] >> good to see you. >> you're my tennis god. >> i'm going to hug you. i'm great. i didn't realize that you're about to head to your 50th consecutive wimbledon. wimbledon is under way. right now.
8:32 am
you hold a record 20 titles there. a special place in your heart. >> 1961, we won doubles. very excited to go over and see all of the great players of today. they're so much better, every generation gets better. >> they won 9 of their last 11 titles there. >> an american needs to be playing and representing us. >> something special about the all england club. so steep in history. we're about to embark on the 40th anniversary year of title 9. lot of big plans? >> huge plans. we're kicking off thursday is june 23rd. we'll have announcements all the time. people go to facebook, women's sports foundation, see what's going on. we still have a long way to go.
8:33 am
women's sports foundation is the guardian angel and nancy, an olympic swimmer, is our legal adviser, she's right there working with us, too. nancy won three golds and one silver in '84. we're really happy that she's working with us. >> you can part of it. like on facebook. >> social media. social media. >> tweeting from the all england club. >> i will be tweeting. >> great to see you. >> great to see you. >> she set me up with a box seat once. i was really thrilled. set me up with a box seat once. i got it. by the way, i'm in the wake of
8:34 am
cameron diaz who came here. shs gorgeous, the kind of gorgeous that you can't stop staring at. when cameron diaz is around, you're kind of staring at her. you shouldn't be staring at someone but you do. she signed every one of these signs. so, guys, take those home. as you head outside, we'll take a quick look at our facebook pictures. look at the one from huntsville, texas, that's smoke from the fires and some thunderstorms in the washington, d.c. area over the weekend. violent storms through the middle of the country. much nicer on the west coast. we have kind of a nice still some areas of rain which is slow to break up. around lunch time, there will be some lingering showers. temperatures will climb to near 80 this afternoon with gradual clearing
8:35 am
david lee roth said it best, i'm hot for teacher. i can't help it. >> that's okay. >> you're excused. >> one of the best popular leading ladies in all of hollywood and one of our favorite actresses. she's a great sport. we're talking about cameron. cameron diaz is here. it's called "bad teacher," opening on friday. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome cameron diaz here. [ cheers and applause ] >> i got a chance to watch it last night. it is funny. >> funny, right? >> it really is. we were kind of bad. we behaved very badly in it. >> your character, you're really -- you brought it. >> thank you. it was a lot of fun to play a
8:36 am
character that you don't have to -- that makes no apology for her behavior and doesn't even redeem herself. it doesn't happen very often in hollywood. >> you play a teacher and you have a dream. and that dream is to marry a rich guy so you don't have to teach anymore. >> exactly. i don't teach in the first place, i kind of go there to nap. so, i'm always, either coming in from being out or going out after i'm done with work. she took the opportunity to really catch up on her sleep. >> the kids win you over in the end. creative teaching. >> creative teaching. >> let's play a little bit of a clip to give people an idea of your character. it's called "bad teacher." >> when i first started teaching i thought i was doing it for all
8:37 am
of the right reasons, shorter hours, no accountability. >> i love my summers. fresh corn. we should finish up. he has the orientation in the aud tourism. >> i'm not going to go to that. >> but it's mandatory. >> i probably won't go either. >> phyllis smith, she is amazing. she's brilliant. we had so much fun. justin timberlake, jason segel. >> i love your interaction with teacher. you bring up justin timberlake. you guys went out for a while. what was it like working
8:38 am
together? >> justin and i are great friends. we love each other. we want the best things for one another. to do a comedy together, you know, was a blessing. it really is a privilege. you know, it's not lost on either one of us. we had the opportunity to do it together. we laughed the whole time. >> you said it was less awkward doing the movie. >> if it's somebody you don't know, maybe. you know know. >> exactly. >> he's so wonderful, so funny in this movie. we knew that he was going to do something great with the part. along with jason who's a marksman of comedy. everyone else in our cast, we feel really lucky because we
8:39 am
have the highest ped degree of comedians in this comedy. it was a dream. the fact that i didn't have to redeem myself at the end it was easy. >> some really great questions that people sent in and wanted to ask you about. they're very cute. here's one, it's from khloe, what is the strangest thing a role required you to do? that's a good question. >> the strangest thing, i don't know. i think, well in this movie, i decided my character was always pus pushy, like a consumer. in every scene i was going to be eating something or chewing on something. whole film all i did was -- all of the worst foods.
8:40 am
doughnu doughnuts. they will show up with all of these horrible foods. ready for me. just bring it on. >> you had the corn dog and you had this big vat of mustard. >> i was like, you're going to have to cut that lid off because i have to get in there. >> people are talking about you, they're sports-minded, what is your routine. >> you know, i'm consistent. i believe, my lifestyle, because i love to do active things in my lifestyle, if i don't take care of my body, if i'm not strong, not bringing, i can't bring those things into my life. those are the things that truly make me happy. happiness is what makes me who i am. you know what i mean, i'm constantly try to stay strong so i can do anything i want at any time.
8:41 am
so i can do things with my friends and my family. so i have a full life. >> you make a lot of us happy. in fact, you're the number one on the list. when you're a married couple, list of celebrities it's okay that your husband or wife hooks up, you're number one on the list. >> oh, no. >> thanks, cameron. >> great to see you, robin. >> and "bad teacher." she is bad. opensen friday. coming up here on "good morning america" -- so much more to talk to you about. cool gadgets to help your pets survive the hot summer.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
we're going to see some tips to keep your dogs cool during the summer. we got toby. lot of great stuff. including this doggie fountain. >> let's say you're going to the mall and you want to get a drink of water. this little drinking fountain, you step on this little pad right here. it squirts water on it. it's always fresh. it's never stagnant. about $45. so, it encourages dogs to drink
8:45 am
more water. speaking of toby here, he has this cool collar on. >> this collar is cool. >> on the outside, you put ice cubes in it. it creates artificial swaets. the evaporation cools them. >> we should stop right here, this potential for overheating is a real danger. >> there thousands of dogs that die from heat stroke. they get wobbly. a real health risk. dogs that are overweight, a hard time breathing, high humidity, you have to be very careful. any kind of signs you immediately stop exercising and give them water. in the old days, you wanted them in cold. speaking of cool, this is made out of the same material that
8:46 am
truck liners are made out of. if they can't swim, they get tired and start sinking in the water. a life preserver, in the boat, simply take them out of the water and away we go. that holds about 20 gallons of water. it stays about ten degrees cooler than a darker colored pool. this unit heats in the winter. it cools in the summer. it takes care of humidity, it has a filtration system. here, for your dog house, a climate-controlled dog house. for the dog who has everything. by the way, you can bring them foot pads. if it's too hot for the heel of your hand it's too hot for them to walk on. >> good advice.
8:47 am
great gadgets. if any of you love toby, he came from the humane society of new york. see you later. when we come back -- a makeov
8:48 am
8:49 am
a woman's hair is her crowning glory. when two viewers told us it was slipping into who-hum territory, we took them to hair stylist to the star, including diane sawyer. take a look. straighten or to curl? that is the question. so, let's talk hair. how do you like your hair? >> i don't like my hair. >> reporter: tell me why you don't like your hair >> it's dry.
8:50 am
>> i would always like to have extensions in my hair. >> reporter: you're sassy. it's the battle that women have been waging since the dawn of time. bangs or no bangs. blonde or burnett. >> women are never happy what with what they have. >> reporter: why is that? incense, are you out there? visit the master stylist at saks fifth avenue. his mission to make over two our viewers. a mom of four returning to the work force after 15 years. she wants to tame that curly mane. alia is getting married in september and wants to tame her auburn color. >> we're going to make you guys gorgeous. come, let's go. look at all of this hair. we're going to have lots of fun.
8:51 am
this is what we're going to do. we're going to shape your hair into a nice, soft bob. vincent's first hair-tastic tip -- try lowlights, once or twice a year. >> like someone who has been on the beach. you get that enhancing around the face. >> reporter: alia can't wait for vincent's tip number two -- get a color recipe that you can maintain at home. >> you're going to feel very glamorous about yourself. we'll give her a formula she will be able to maintain this color with a product over the counter. >> reporter: vincent teaches them one of his top tips. tim number three, cut your own bangs. >> use the top of your brow as
8:52 am
the guideline. hold the hair down and just go directly across. >> reporter: while the women are waiting for their final blowout, vincent has a special treat instore. makeup lesson makeover. >> if i had to have one thing in my makeup case it would be massamassa krsh massac re. >> we twist the hair and then we bring it up. like a ballerina lot and spread the pony tail like so. >> reporter: finally the moment of truth. this was alia before she met vincent and this is after, shining brightly for her upcoming wedding and here's felicia, just a few moments before and here she is, ready to
8:53 am
face the world. two women who have learned to tackle their hair problems head-on. thanks to some hair-tastic advice. missio
8:54 am
8:55 am
one hit song that you can't get out of your head. friday, florence and the machine take it to central park, live.
8:56 am
friday. it's "good morning america's" summer concert series, presented by burger king. monday's in the books. earlier we took a look at kids and body image. is 6 years old too young to worry? 65% said yet. 35 .said no. >> you don't want the kids thinking about that. thanks for watching abc news. watch diane sawyer tonight on "world news." have a good day. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
and the morning to you at 8:56. i am cynne simpson. go to lisa baden and a look at traffic. 95 and 66 are starting to down the lanes open. is heavy in manassas and centreville and rte. 50 in to leavingrict and often on to the 14th street bridge. we will show you traffic to the for drivers out of crash and local the bridge. is the backup in local lanes leaving 210 past the as the national army. -- past the national harbors. we'll take it to the 14th street volume.ith that normal underneath is the george parkway making their join traffic into the district. we are patiently waiting for move out.e rain to
8:58 am
it is beneficial especially for locally and south of metro but we really get some sunshine later today to help dry things up a little bit. there is still some rain holding west and in southern maryland but a good gentle the night and in the morning. -- and the morning hours. in the 60's right now in the area. there will be some gradual clear this afternoon and evening but a aroundwers will linger lunchtime and when we get some sun, the temperature should go to 80 degrees. 90s's pour highs by wednesday and unsettled with chances of rain this weekend. this is the last day of d.c. public school students. class as well and it 12:15 this afternoon. friday was supposed to last extra day was added to make up for a snow day. thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is next.
8:59 am
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